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Breakfast Ideas? Autoimmune Disease Restrictions


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Hello everyone, I haven't started my Whole30 yet....I'm trying to plan out all my meals for at least 1 week first for my wife and I. My wife has had severe psoriasis for 25+ years and we are VERY interested in trying this lifestyle change to see if we can clear her disease among many other goals. We will be eliminating all the foods listed for the Whole30. We also will be eliminating foods that tend to cause problems for people with autoimmune disease which includes eggs, dairy, nightshade vegetables, nuts and seeds. I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions for breakfast? Most of the breakfast recipes I've seen involve eggs and/or dairy of some sort. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It may be easier if you think of "Meal 1" instead of "breakfast". Many traditional breakfast dishes have so many non-compliant ingredients that it can be very hard to imitate them, especially if eggs are off your list. So why try?

For me, Meal 1 is often reheated leftover dinner from the night before. Spicy beef & cabbage is a favorite, for example. Whatever foods you are using for the rest of your Whole30 should be fair game for Meal 1 of each day, and that could mean that you prepare a dinner the night before your first day, and save it overnight to serve for Meal 1.

Good luck!

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My breakfasts have included

chicken breast, I'd cooked the night before with cucumber sticks, lettuce leaves and homemande mayo. (you could swap avocado for the mayo)

Chicken, ham. onions, peppers, musrooms and green beans sauteed together

lettuce wraps, 3 lettuce leaves each with a slice of roast beef, green beans and mayo

2 Toulouse sausages with mushrooms, tomato and spinach

organic bacon, chopped and fried with mushrooms tomatoes and green beans

Bowl of soup - Chicken stock, celery, carrots, leeks pureed then chopped chicken added.

Avocado, green beans and chicken

Sausages with green beans onions & bacon

avocado & tuna

chorizo sausages, cabbage & leek

Also as Xandra already said, leftover dnner can be fantastic reheated for breakfast. Now I'm sure some of the things I had wouldn't be suitable, the peppers, maybe the onions and leeks? but there's so much you could add in to adapt it to suit you. good luck.

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for the last few weeks, i've basically had some type of meatloaf + sweet potatoes for breakfast (no dairy, no eggs, no nightshades) - there are a bunch of whole30 meatloaf recipes out there, and it's so easy to just throw a piece in the microwave every morning! (i know, not the best to eat the same thing 5 mornings a week, but it's easy and it works for me.)

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