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Starting my first Whole30 September 5th!


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Hey everyone! I stumbled upon Whole30 and I'm looking forward to starting my journey to physical and mental wellness September 5th. Why am I taking the dive into this? Well, after moving to the great state of Georgia last year, I have indulged in every southern fried delicacy you could imagine. So yeah... my body is not very happy with me! It's been a year long binge-eating wine-drinking marathon. Because of this, I've noticed a huge decline in my energy and a significant increase in my waistline. 

I briefly attempted a clean-eating stint when I was introduced to cross fit. Cross fit didn't stick with me but I remember how great I felt from eating clean. I'm hoping to get back to that point where the greasy fatty junk food makes me disgusted instead of salivate at the mouth. Plus, I'm getting married next year so now is the time. 

Any advice and words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! :)


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I'm so happy for you! I have been fat, I have been thin and as you know trim and fit tastes better than any fried Okra! ha ha. Truly though, I am starting whole30 on tuesday the sixth. I am not overweight but since I moved to sunny california I have had to try every new restaurant I could find including a homemade ice cream place down the road from my house! So its about feeling the way I like to feel when I wake up in the morning. I am 51 and in good shape but I definitely notice how my body feels when I am eating grains as opposed to when I am not. We can support one another and give this gift to ourselves. See ya on the sixth! We can do this!

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Yes we absolutely can do this! I love the online support system around this food movement. It will definitely help keep us all on track. Now this weekend I get to purge my pantry of all the junk and replace is with REAL FOOD! 

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I'm going to try logging my meals from now on, as many say it helps keep you on track!

Day 16

M1- Eggs over easy with Pederson's bacon. I had never cooked an egg like this prior to whole 30 - now I do it all the time and I'm getting pretty good at keeping the yolk in tact! For some reason the bacon today tasted super sweet- I double-checked the package to make sure it was whole 30 compliant. I need to look at the label more closely when I get home, maybe I grabbed apple smoked by accident. 

M2- So I planned on having garlic shrimp and zoodles leftovers for lunch today, but I underestimated how hungry Brett and I would be after a long day of work. And the dish was just that good. So because of that, today's lunch was not ideal at all. All I ate was roasted potatoes and 3 slices of prosciutto. I chased that with a larabar just to fill me up. Never relying on leftovers again!

M3- tonight I will be making turkey meatballs with compliant red sauce I purchased from Whole Foods with spaghetti squash.


I need to get back on track with meal prepping. I plan out my meals on Saturday and shop on Sunday, but I don't really prep at all and I end up changing the menu at least once lol. 

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Day 19

M1- eggs over easy with Pederson's compliant bacon again. I need to lay off on the bacon but I seriously look forward to it in the mornings!

M2- I went to the Whole Foods salad bar and made myself a salad with all compliant ingredients (they list the ingredients on the name tags if you are unsure!). I was surprised that a potato and kale salad they had was compliant also! This meal I was super proud of because, and this is embarassing but, I can't remember the last time I actually ate a salad. Even with the whole 30 I have managed to avoid salads. So this is a little NSV for me to be honest!! :P. I'll definitely be working more salads into my diet because I really enjoyed it! I topped it with Tessamae's lemon garlic dressing. 

Snack- coconut larabar. These are dangerous because they remind me of one of the christmas cookies my dad makes. Ahhh it was heaven!

M3- Sausage and peppers with compliant spicy italian sausage. Served with boiled fingerling potatoes. 


Now for the NSVs

- skin is much clearer

- ring is definitely looser!

- feeling slimmer (less bloated)

- seeing much less of that sugar dragon 

- mentally feeling great and just so proud of myself!

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