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Restart help needed


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I made it to day 20 and was SO proud of myself ... Then family stress over a funeral service, the first cocktail and the cheating began.  I figured I would just hit the restart and would get back to my commitment, but am having a really hard time.  Part of my problem is I know I really didn't lose any weight (no real change in clothes fit ... I did avoid the scale).  I am craving "just one" glass of wine, "just one" piece of cheese.  How do I get my mojo back?  How do I gain faith that this really will work?!?

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I can't tell you how many re-starts I had before I finally made it stick! 

It's mental. 100% mental, but I think you know this...? I wonder if maybe, subconsciously, you're associating Whole30 to the family trauma? I would suggest taking some time to really explore that. Stop trying to half way recommit to your W30. Stop trying to re-start every single day. My advice (having restarted a bunch) is just be where you are right now, then in a week, or two, or a month, when you're mentally ready, do it again. I feel like, from personal experience, if you keep trying day after day to restart the W30 and halfway fighting your cravings, you're just going to get frustrated. 

Spend some time with where you are now. Let yourself have the wine and the cheese. Re-commit when you're ready. 

My $0.02. 

Also, instead of worrying about the scale, maybe consider whether you experienced any non-scale victories during your 20 days? How did you feel? How was your energy? How was your sleep? Maybe put your focus there rather than on the fact that you didn't see any real physical changes after 20 days. Just a thought? 

HUGS!! You can do this - when you're ready. :)

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