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Starting Day #8

donnafrom maine

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I've waited to write my first post as I wanted to be sure that I would stick to this. Well, I'm thrilled to say that this program is AMAZING! With the Daily emails (worth the $14.95!), this forum, the well written, detailed Whole30 book I feel so well supported in this new adventure. I've struggled with food dependency my whole life so I took this on as my first retirement challenge. The success I feel already is incredible: much more energy and it stays even throughout the day, my mood is so much happier (although some of this could be attributed to not working anymore) and I feel much less bloated. It does take time to plan and prepare meals, but it is so worth it! My biggest concerns with starting this was could I actually stick with it for 30 days, drink my coffee black and give up my daily glass of wine? So far, these are not issues for me - I add a little water to my coffee, drink seltzer and keep a journal to record my observations, feelings and meal planning. Reading this forum and the daily emails really keep me motivated too! Thanks for an amazing program that most certainly will change my outlook towards food! 

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