What can I eat at "Atlanta Bread Company" ? I have a standing weekly lunch there.


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Here's their menu...

It's not looking great to be honest - a quick scan tells me that your possible options would be: fruit, veg (question the dip & how the veg is cooked - oil? butter?), soup (check for sugar/dairy/soy/wheat etc) & salads (hold the cheese/croutons/noodles/dressings) - but obviously you'll have to check for any off plan oils etc used in the cooking or preparation of all those items. Maybe go for a plain salad, add grilled chicken (although question sugar/soy content), and bring your own dressing.

Or eat before you go.

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It is impossible to maintain some parts of your normal routine and do a Whole30. The Whole30 exists because so much of what people eat is not real food or does not make people more healthy. Entire restaurants are sometimes lacking in enough healthy ingredients to make a meal that is Whole30-compliant. 

You really can eat before you go and then sip tea or coffee while your companion eats if it is impossible to shift to another restaurant. 

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