Coconut oil vs. Olive oil


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Hi I'm new to the Whole30 (2 weeks in!!)

I've noticed that a lot of Whole30 compliant recipes (on Facebook, Instagram, etc) use lard or coconut oil instead of olive oil. EVOO is scientifically-proven to have significant heart healthy benefits, whereas coconut oil doesn't have quite the same effect.

They have similar calorie contents and prices, so my question is why do so many people use coconut oil (or even lard) instead of olive oil?

Thank you!

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Thank you everyone!


Just an FYI-- the research done on benefits of coconut oil are primarily animal models (not done in large patient trials yet) or are individual case reports, so be wary of anyone who touts that something is "healthy" or even makes the leap to say it "cures UTIs," without the adequate primary literature behind it!

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Just wanted to add that I diced and sauted up a zucchini this morning using coconut oil versus Ghee..  Oh my, it was very tasty - - Just a hint of sweetness

and it browed up so nicely.  Coconut Oil is now my go to fat for frying...  Hmm, wonder now it would be for roasting veggies?? 

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