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Hey all, I've decided that I'm going to do this.  I've had the book for a couple of years and have just not amped myself up enough.  Nevertheless, I'm there now.  Though I've joined the September Whole 30, I will not be starting until September 15th.  Why you ask, way too much travel and way too many conferences between now and then.  There's just no way I could be successful, which is also why I'm writing to the forum with a question...

I'm on a plane a lot.  For those reading this who are in the same boat as me, please give me some tips and tricks to stay on track.  If you're like me, you know how it is.  From one plane to another.  From one hotel to another.  From one client meeting (and dinner - to which everyone likes to drink) to another.  

I was glad to see that RxBars are approved.  Thought I can't rely on them wholly, I was glad to see that.  I know I can pick up bags of raw cashews and raw almonds in the airport stores.  However that's just part of it.  So if there are any road warrior gurus out there that have been successful on this plan while logging a lot of airplane time - please let me know how.


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If you want community support, it's helpful to hang out in the forums and post. Ask questions if you have them, offer encouragement. You started this thread 15 days before you planned on starting, just as many people were gearing up to start Sept 1 (the first of the month is always a popular time to start) or on Sept 5 for the big Whole30 that's being promoted on the different social media forums. People may have intended to come back and comment later, but then with no other posts, it got buried in all the other threads, or they may have just missed seeing it amongst the other threads.

For travel, here's a pdf with some tips, and one about dining out. There are actually quite a few past discussions on traveling while on Whole30, there's a whole section of the forum on Travel and Dining out that you can browse, or google Whole30 travel (or Whole30 air travel, or Whole30 road trip, or Whole30 business travel -- whatever terms most closely match your situation) and you should find discussions about it. The founders of Whole30 even wrote this article with some tips based on what they did on their book tour for their latest book, and this one about a road trip they did.

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