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My Sept 2016 W30!


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I have tried whole 30 twice failed both. The first time I went the entire 30 days in terms of eating, but drank wine. (With the job I had, I needed it lol) I normally eat A LOT of fast food though, so it was pretty amazing to go the entire month without it! My second time I only lasted 9 days and gave up because I had the stomach flu and I couldn't leave the house to grocery shop so I was stuck laying in bed with a box of crackers.

I am bound and determined to have a successful W30 this time around.

I am 5 foot 6 and 140 lbs. I teach Kindergarten, so choosing to do this during September was probably a terrible idea hahaha I am going to be needing wine soooo badly! :P

Welp, I will update each day with my meals, feelings and workouts.

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Welcome back!

You obviously have the drive and ambition to do this again.  When you succeed this time, especially with the increased pressure of the school year starting, won't it feel incredible?  Embrace that and use it as part of your inspiration.

Definitely logging your food here daily will keep you accountable.  We all learn from each other, are all in this together and we're cheering you to success!  :)



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