Starting Day 1 tomorrow (Sept 1)


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Hi, all. Older female here. My daughter owns the Whole30 book; I am reading it and decided to do the program. Today is Day 0.

I was not going to sign up on the forum because my daughters can be my support, but as I was in the car after getting a bunch of groceries today, I was seized with the feeling of, "Oh, crap, what am I doing?" I know my batting average when it comes to deciding on a new diet (not weight loss diet, but "eating better" diets - buy the food and then it rots, unless someone else decides to eat it). It felt so impossible to accomplish, so here I am.

I am determined to do this. I want to know which, if any, areas of my health it will improve. After I am done with this, I hope to go Keto.

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I'm 54, starting 2nd whole 30 today just to clean up a few summer habits (ice cream :P )  My husband did my 1st one together and it really changed our eating habits. He completely gave up his soda pop habit, we always had some sort of bread with every meal and now we rarely do, we have not bought any chips, I think we've had pasta once and now only eat whole grain rice.

You can do this!! I bake and decorate cakes, so if I can avoid sugar, so can you :)

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