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Timing Meals Around Planned Events


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Hi Guys,

I am having a really big problem with one particular part of W30. Before I launch into it, I'll just say that I have completed a W30 before, with other W7s, 9s, 21s, etc. OK, this is my dilema:

Every Friday night I have a Shabbat diner with my family . The timing of this meal depends on sundown, so for week dinner is probably around 8 o'clock or so. This is a really important and sacred tradition that I cannot give up.

My problem is that even when I make all compliant food, I still totally overeat and it messes me up entirely! This is because I am used to eating dinner around 530 or 6 during the week. The timing of this meal is non-negotiable. So...I could try to eat a snack earlier? Or try to eat a meal earlier, and only eat a little bit during Sabbath dinner? 

Any and all advice is appreciated! I really want to crush this W30 but I keep getting hung up on this one night! Ah!


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OK... so maybe like a chicken breast, tahini (sp?) sauce, and 2 handfuls of random veggies?

Also, could I eat this before I even get hungry? I am thiking if I wait til 5 I my appetite might really perk up and it will be hard to limit myself to a mini-meal. But if I eat it at 4:30, before I really get hungry, it might stave off my appetite until dinner later?


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