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Day 18 - Feeling tired and lightheaded- more cravings

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Hey Whole30ers.. 

For some reason I did super great the first 2 weeks, and now I find myself feeling worse.

I don't like to say worse, but I feel like I had more energy and felt great the first 2 weeks and now I'm smack dab in the  middle and I'm having more cravings and less energy.

I have a little bit of a tension headache and I'm just not feeling great. A little bit dizzy and just not right. Like I need more food but I can't eat.. but I'm hungry. Sounds weird right?

I've been eating Fats, proteins, fruit, veggies.. all balanced whole 30  meals. So strange. 

Any thoughts?

I'm drinking water.. just not as much as i'm used too.. I can't even stomach drinking water. 



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Also very common for people to feel this way if they have not been eating enough in general.  Definitely I encourage you to share a couple days worth of meals.  We ask they you please be as specific as possible with this.  If you are specific with your details, we are able to be more of help to you.

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