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Finished My 4th Whole 30


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I finished my Whole 30 on Tuesday and this is my 4th one so I know what I can eat without much effect and what I need to avoid.  I'm not doing reintro this time.  I didn't think I would really experience anything dramatic as this is my fourth time doing the program, but I feel like I did.  This whole 30 was the easiest one yet.  I just did it.  I didn't complain about all the cooking/cleaning and the fact that I couldn't have wine wasn't as horrible as it can be or as it sounds.  I attended social functions and it wasn't that bad to not drink.  While I don't drink every day I do enjoy once or twice a week having something and I thought it would be hard and it wasn't.  During this whole 30 I kept track of all my non-scale victories as they happened.

By Day 3 I wasn't hungry all the time, by Day 4 I was less bloated.  By Day 6 I had energy to start working out again (yoga only). By Day 14 I was sleeping good and my energy was back.  By Day 15  i started running and felt really amazing and thought wow now my energy is really back.  On Day 19 due to a crazy work day I didn't eat lunch for hours and I felt totally fine (that wasn't a goal it just happened and normally would be disastrous for me). By Day 21 I realized I was never ravenously hungry (as at times I used to be) and I noticed that things that might normally bother me (work, stress, etc) didn't faze me much.  The last 7 days of this Whole 30 flew by and all of a sudden 30 days had passed.  Yesterday I had some wine and fish tacos and both were delicious, but today I'm eating Whole 30 and I feel great.  

This was a really good Whole 30 and I think the best one yet.  I hope now that I'm riding my own bike when I want to go off of this way of eating too much that I'll look back at this list to remind me why I like to eat this way.  

Ps.  I dropped down a size in my jeans and also lost 7 pounds.  I was happy about that too.

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