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I am planning to start a whole 30 on September 5th.  I have completed one round fully, round two went 29 days and I completed a whole 14.  My other rounds were several years ago and my eating has been nothing resembling whole 30 recently.  I am way more nervous about dong a whole 30 this time then previously.  One reason is that I will be the only one in my house doing it this time. My husband did it before to support me. I also have an 8 and 9 year old who are picky eaters and believed that vegetables are evil (they are served them anyway).  Shared meals will be compliant, fixed by me. I may use rice to supplement for my kids.  I plan to have a log on the forums as well.

My health has  gone steadily down hill over the past couple of years in a number of ways. Sinus issues, poor sleep, IBS, pre diabetic, blood pressure issues, gout, tendonitis (and other foot issues). I also feel generally crappy most of the time. After my first whole 30 many of these issues resolved. I am also overweight. I am not doing whole 30 for weight loss. I am doing it for general health. I commonly read the forums and have since my first whole 30 so I feel as though I have learned a lot about how to do a "better" whole 30 than I did before. Yet I still feel apprehensive (I like snacking and mentally don't want to give it up) but I am ready to put myself and my health first. I have found the forums to be a supportive place and am happy to be here. Its time to practice what I preach...so to speak

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