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I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought maybe on here..?

I'm on day 5 and I've lost my appetite for the entire last 4 days. Not completely, but I'm not eating NEARLY as much as I used to. I haven't counted calories, but I'm sure I'm consuming under 1200. And I've been working out. Is this normal? I force fed myself breakfast this morning.

HOWEVER, if it's fruit, that's a completely different story.

No appetite unless it's fruit. Cold, right out of the fridge fruit. plums, nectarines, apples OMG apples, honeydew and bananas.


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Is there anything else that could be contributing? For example, I can get home from work and if there's not anything ready (aka I'd have to cook), I'm usually not hungry. (Or, I'm just not hungry for anything that is ready.)

Or, maybe you're eating things that are kind of bland and so your brain has kind of tricked you into thinking you're just not hungry?

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Maybe you are coming down with something...? I would cut out the fruit completely and see if your appetite returns...kinda like that thing when you are trying to get your kids to eat healthy :D If you are hungry enough you will eat what is available (meaning protien, fat and fruit) and maybe you'll see if are just pacifying yourself with the fruit.

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I'm not only eating fruit...but it's the only thing I WANT to eat. I think gatork, you may be right. I've been noticing that I'm not at all excited by what I'm eating. Everything does seem very very bland. I even told my husband that I don't feel any excitement in my life ( I see how much of a psychological hold food had on me). It's enlightening, but, I also told my husband, I feel bored. I used to enjoy cooking but now, it's a chore. Nothing tastes good.

I told my husband last night (in my Kill All the Things rage :c) that the egg frittata that I made (which tasted good the first day of the whole 30) LITERALLY tasted and smelled like a dirty diaper to me.

I'm sure the sugar demons are helping...but I'm beginning to feel depressed. I don't WANT to eat.

(forgive me if I'm being grumpy, I've literally been on the edge of tears for the past 3 days too, is that normal? And I'm in Kill Everything mode/ Tired)

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I think part of it could just be the normal sugar cravings? Could you maybe cut down on fruit a lot? Like, no fruit for breakfast, but you could have a piece at lunch or dinner? (instead of cutting it out completely)

And I'm usually so grumpy and just annoyed with life for the first week or so, so it's nothing abnormal :) (Like tiny things would make me want to scream/cry/yell/run away.)

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maybe you're right. I will try to cut down on the fruit....maybe one piece a day or something. I just can't believe how EMOTIONAL this whole thing has made me. Thank you everyone for the advice and support. Does anyone know if I should be trying to shoot for a certain amount of calories? I'm not counting, but like I said, I've mainly been force feeding myself during meals so...I just wanted to know if I should wait this stupid no appetite thing out or make sure I eat X amount or something....I really don't want this to screw with my metabolism. :(

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I love fruit! I always crave it when I'm dehydrated, when it's really hot out, or when I am overwhelmed at the idea of cooking. Juicy cooling things are delicious to me, plus they add a tiny bit of sweetness to any meal that really helps me with sugar cravings later. Try some red/yellow/orange pepper slices, grape tomatoes and cucumbers as well...hydrating without the fruity sugar. Incorporate a little bit of fruit into your meal instead of as a stand alone dessert or snack... make a large green salad with protein and chopped apple on top :)

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During my first 7 days, I absolutely went through what I call a "period of mourning" over the foods I used to eat; breakfast was the most difficult for me to consume. Switching from the traditional Ezekiel muffin with banana and peanut butter to a more protein/veggie dense breakfast was difficult. However, I sucked it up, and ate. Come day 9 I woke up STARVING and breakfast has not been an issue since.

I think this is just a "phase" you have to get through. Please do watch your fruit consumption. The program recommends 1-2 servings a day. Make sure when you do consume it, it is part of a meal, so that there is also protein and fat invited to the party. Otherwise, this can just feed your sugar dragon.

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I have joined a Crossfit and am exercising at the 7:30 pm class d/t my work schedule. I leave directly from work to go workout so I have a protein bar and/or protein shake prior to my workout. My problem is I don't get home til about 9pm. Although I drink a protein shake and eat some berries after I exercise, I simply am unable to eat at 9pm when I get home. I have food prepared so that's not the issue. I just can't seem to force down anything else to eat. It's a real problem because I am unable to consume enough calories to offset my exercise. I have been eating avocado and now added bacon in the morning just to get the calories. To be honest I have been tracking my food and I am only netting about 950 -1000 calories a day after ex. I know this isn't healthy. Suggestions please!

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Hi, Carolina Girl, it might help if you posted a food log or just what you're eating in a day so people could offer suggestions. I hate to say it but protein shakes and bars are not part of a Whole30 program. Here's what Tom, one of the mods, said about them in another post.

"No protein powder is okay. Every one is a stripped down approximation of real food. Every one is highly processed. Everything about protein powder is the opposite of what the Whole30 is about... eating real, whole foods. In addition, drinking your meals changes the proper rhythm of digestion and invites your hormones to get out of whack."

Hope this helps

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I am having the same problem with not feeling Hungry for the past few days. My Food Log is on my Blog.

This seems to mostly be at Dinner Time, I pre-prep or cook because my schedule only gives me about 30-60min for dinner most nights. I am excited about my meals, they are not bland, I am good with using natural spices. I noticed this started on Saturday which was Day 5 for Dinner I had a Cashew Date Bar and some Beef Day 6 I kind force fed myself Dinner Day 7 I had an Appie Pie Bar (whole30 compliant one) and some Sweet Potatoes that was pre and post workout because I forced it. Today i just didn't even feel hungry just tired. I forced down 2 hard boil eggs and an apple for breakfast, then luncH i ate a banana. It now 2 and I just ate the salad etc that was suppose to be lunch more because someone brought pizza into the office that smelled good and trigger a fake hunger feeling then because I was actually feeling hungry.

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