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Day 12- under-eating, zero appetite?


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So, when I started my whole30 I combed through the rules on what foods were and weren't allowed, but my research didn't extend much beyond that. I started it because I had been feeling absolutely rubbish from all the crap I had been eating in the months prior (coupled with really poor mental health that had caused me to barely ever leave my bed) and I was sick of food making me feel bad.

But because I didn't read up on recommended meal plans etc., my meals (although compliant) were far from recommended for the first week. I was eating way too little food, eating basically just one fist-sized portion of meat or eggs per meal, occasionally with some veggies on the side. 

I read up on the recommended meal plans the other day, and decided I'd try to fix it. My partner made me an amazing meal for lunch that fit perfectly within the recommended meal style, and...I couldn't stomach it all. It was just too much food! even now, days on, if anything my appetite has decreased and I can't stand the thought of eating anything substantial. For example, today I woke up late, so I cooked up two eggs (scrambled, with a bit of seasoning). That was around 10:30. It is now 7pm and I've just realised I have not eaten since, and am still not feeling like I could eat now. How do I get back from this? I feel so silly. And do I need to start the 30 days again? 



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Really, the only way to fix this is going to be to eat. When you first get up, even if you're not hungry, plate up a template meal, and eat evenly from each thing on the plate. When you hit the point where you can't eat anymore, wrap it up and set it aside, and as soon as you feel able to eat more -- not when you're hungry, but when you feel able to eat more -- go back and eat more of it.

You may need to set timers for your meals, to remind yourself to go eat. So when you start your first meal, set a timer for 4-5 hours later to go eat your next meal.

It shouldn't take long to get used to eating full meals at regular intervals. 

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