Fenway Park on Day #20!

donnafrom maine

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This is my first Whole30 and I'm currently on day #11 and looking ahead to next week.. I need some ideas for eating at the ballpark with my in-laws. We'll be staying with them for a couple of days, so I intend to pack a cooler with compliant food. Should I try to "sneak" some into the park or chance it with the grilled chicken sandwich - no bun or condiments - from one of the food vendors? I've perused the vendors at the park and that looks like the only thing that might be OK. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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The problem with depending on the grilled chicken is that you have no idea what it might have been marinated in or what kind of oil it's cooked in, unless you confirm that information with the vendor. 

I would eat a good meal before I went -- that might be enough to keep you from needing to eat anything while you're there.

 It looks like you can carry in bottled water no problem, so definitely take that with you. You could pretty easily keep cut up vegetables and something like meatballs or chicken cut into strips in ziploc bags in your purse and look for individual packs of guacamole or olives for some fat. Those should be fine for a few hours even in your purse.


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