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Newbie here Starting 9-5-16


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Good morning and welcome aboard!

Stay connected here on the forum....ask, share, cheer. 

Preparation is key:

Prepare your food - figure out what works for you, your family and your schedule.  If cutting all your veggies one day works best, do that.  Same with meals and grocery shopping.

Prepare for challenges - what events, triggers, etc. are on the calendar the next 30 days?  What's your plan to meet them and win?  Share those with us.

Prepare to log your food - here, in whatever type of journal you want or both (I like doing both).

Have a compliant variety of foods in your fridge and pantry.

Be honest with yourself about what you hope to accomplish and your "why."  Write them down and post them.

Put the scale away. 

Enjoy the ride.  We're all in this together and cheering for you!  :)

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