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I am on day 4 and happy to report only one negative effect, waking multiple times during the night, but less last night than the first two..

I started September 1st, but when I set that start date, I began to cut back on my daily habit of a glass of wine with the start of dinner prep and I cut out or cut back on most grains 4 days earlier.  I think this made the transition easier.  I would recommend this rather than the natural instinct to eat all the bad things up until the start date.

Already my digestion has improved significantly, no more acid reflux or need for fiber therapy.

Thought my daily glass(es) of red wine would be missed most, but no, it's the cheese.

I have modified the plan in one way, and nobody can convince me otherwise, I continue to get on the scale first thing in the morning, I need this positive reinforcement and I am getting it!



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As an adult, you can choose to follow any plan you like.

I have moved your post to the Your Whole30 Log section because we don't typically moderate that section and you won't have to deal with moderators like me telling you that you are short-changing yourself by getting on a scale everyday. 

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