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Jane's 2nd Whole 30 #septemberwhole30


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Excited for my 2nd Whole30 and to keep a log of what I eat.  Going to go back over my first log and reminisce about over a year ago.  Have been trying to find a good time to do another one since, and I'm excited about all of the social media surrounding this #septemberwhole30, so I think this is the best time.  Plus, I could REALLY use a reset.  I'm eating too much junk!

So - here we go.  Tomorrow morning starts with a veggie omelette!

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Day 1 has been good so far.  Will have to work on timing meals.  We usually don't eat breakfast until almost lunch time on the weekends when we sleep in...so Meal 1 was around 12:15pm...around 6:30pm I had a mini-Meal 2...dinner will be around 9:30pm. We usually eat late.

Went shopping, did not do a big weekly prep.  My meal plan does not seem like it needs it.  Maybe I'll reconsider mid week!

Day 1

M1: 3 egg scramble with onions, tomatoes, & peppers with organic blackberries

M2: Guacamole with baby carrots

M3: Rosemary Roasted Chicken with baked sweet potato and broccoli

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On 9/5/2016 at 9:41 PM, Katrina Simeck said:

Hi there! I'm halfway through my 1st Whole 30, and always scouring the forums for ideas. I'm curious about your 2nd meal - it doesn't seem big enough, and doesn't have any protein?

It definitely was not big enough.  It was more of a snack.  I had breakfast around 12:30, then dinner around 9:30, so I had this snack in between.  Not the way to start the Whole30...but it was a weird day.  

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Day 2

M1: 3 eggs with sauteed spinach and avocado - hot sauce!

M2: left over chicken with a salad and avocado - tessamae's dressing with a peach for dessert

M3: slow cooked beef barbacoa (so good!) with broccoli and tostones

Day 3

M1: 3 eggs scrambled with spinach and avocado - hot sauce! black cold brew too.

M2: left over beef with a salad and avocado - tessamae's dressing

M3: (will be) avocado chicken salad with crudite - with a peach for dessert


Felt a little fuzzy this morning, but that went away quickly.  I should really exercise when I get home!

I'll start uploading pics soon!

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Day's 4 & 5, as expected, were pretty bad.  I was super grumpy & fuzzy and ended up calling out of work on Friday.  Things are much better now.  I'm not as tired as the Timeline says you'll be on Days 6 & 7, but perhaps I'm comparing how I feel to the general fatigue I felt pre-Whole30.

Here's what I've been eating:

Day 4

M1: 2 Fried Eggs with Sautéed Spinach

M2: Salad Nicoise...grilled tuna with lettuce, tomato, egg, olives, potatoes, and avocado (i subbed it for the anchovies)

M3: Thursday night football...1/3lb grass-fed beef burgers with bacon & tomato, lettuce salad, oven fries with ranch dressing I made from homemade mayo and coconut milk - yum! I allowed myself one kitchen item this whole30 and it was a mandoline, so the oven fries were thin and perfectly cut! 

Day 5 (this was a grumpy, grump day)

M1: left over burger with sauteed spinach and tomato

M2: Avocado chicken salad on bed of lettuce - added bacon bits to the chicken salad this time

M3: Ground beef green curry over zucchini noodles topped with toasted cashews - YUM

Day 6

M1: left over curry on top of steamed kale with an egg on top

M2: Salad with grilled mahi mahi from local restaurant

M3: Chili-Lime Cashew crusted cod with roasted carrots and steamed broccoli

Day 7

So far I've only had breakfast. Today is meal planning and shopping day !! $$

M1: Left over beef curry on top of steamed kale...added three slices of compliant bacon to try and up my healthy fats


I am not able to upload photos for some reason.  Check out my instagram if you want to see photos of what I'm eating.


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I've been way more active on Instagram and neglecting this food journal.  Let me see if I can recap meals...


Day 7

M2: Leftover cod with carrots and a salad with Tessamae's

M3: Buffalo Chicken Casserole (by Paleomg) with a salad


Day 8

M1: Scrambled eggs and kale

M2: Buffalo Chicken Casserole with a salad and Tessamae's

M3: Pollo vaca frita...pulled chicken fried in a homemade mojo sauce with tostones and broccoli


Day 9

M1: Fried eggs and Kale

M2: Leftover chicken with a salad and avocado plus sweet potato bisque

M3: Lemon chicken with tostones and broccoli and avocado


Day 10

M1: Scrambled eggs and kale

M2: Lemon chicken leftovers with salad and sweet potato bisque

M3: Salmon with mashed potatoes made with coconut cream and roasted cabbage


Day 11

M1: Butternut squash and ground beef hash


Reason I am writing today is because I have some deets to record that aren't so instagram friendly...Days 7 & 8 (more than?) stool was very loose, I didn't feel bad, just noticed.  Now, Day 9 - today....aaahhhh! Constipated!!! I took some Natural Calm last night, but nothing yet....getting pretty uncomfortable.  Will get some prunes (or something stronger?) on the way home today if nothing is moving...


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