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September 5, 2016 - starting for my first whole 30


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Hi everyone,

So excited about starting tomorrow officially.  My body and mind is so ready for clean eating.  I am in my early 50's and my husband is joining me as well.    I do have some expectations  and am keeping an open mind to any surprises - weight loss, sound sleep, waking up refreshed, improved mood.  

Been busy today making mayonnaise, ketchup, prune paste.  Amazed that I could make mayonnaise.  the Ketchup is also delicious - different from the sugary type I am used to, but actually like the taste.

Had my coffee black today - and can totally do this!!!

Making ghee tomorow.

Thanks and here is to everyone having a great success at starting tomorrow.  




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day 1 

Breakfast (9:00)

2 glasses of water before my coffee

black coffee x 2 ;  Egg fritatta with potatoes, bacon red pepper and onions, sliced cucumber

Lunch  (12:00)

bowl of tomato soup and 2 piecs of pork ribs

Walk 50 minutes  (1:10 - 2:00)

Dinner (5:45)

Crackling chicken, green beans and cut up cucumbers, tomatoes and tomatoes


Black coffee seems to be an easy transition.   The tomato soup I made - delicious!  I enjoyed the ribs on the side.  Lunch was totally satisfying.  I left the table with my brain registering full.  Dinner made crackling chicken - good and left the table full and satisfied.  

 So still today a lot of prep and cooking all day.  Made ghee today after breakfast - amazing.  

Seemed to have a lot of energy today.  Went for a walk.  My intention is to walk or do some form of exercise everyday while doing the whole 30 - it is all part of my health.

 2 glasses of water before coffee - hydrating before coffee is new for me.  Would like to continue this and have it as a habit.  Lunch - I left the table full.  Dinner I am full.  I am understanding how junk food does not turn on the "full" button, whereas real healthy food does.  

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