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results have moved me to start a log.


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So essentially I wasn't going to bother with a w30 log (I'm super lazy), but I've had some significant NSVs already that I wanted to start writing them down somewhere in case I hit a road block.

I'm currently on day 8.


So far:

The eczema on my face has cleared up, and is starting to heal up on my fingers.

I am less bloated.

I am less of a tw*t to my other half.

I am nicer to my mum (who often got my angry outbursts)

My sugar cravings have vanished (and I'm a serious sugar monster)

My anxiety has reduced and I feel a bit happier in myself.

I feel more motivated and productive. 

My legs are less squishy.

I had plenty of energy for my 6.45am personal training session and I left thinking "oh I had more left in me to give".

My occipital neuralgia hasn't flared up at all.



Pretty cool so far.


I've been super tired the past 2 days but I'm reassured that according to the timeline that's normal. My tummy has been a bit upset but I'm guessing that's just the flora adjusting.

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