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September 1 W30 start date - first time


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Greetings All,

I began this journey September 1st, my greatest challenge is the craving for Diet Coke. I have tried the La Croix water and I don't care for it. I have experienced several first so far; I fixed fish and ate it (I have been known not to eat it after cooking it, not my favorite), I prepared fresh green beans, I purchased a red pepper and used it... I have prepared several recipes from the "Whole30" book and have enjoyed everything so far. I have never been a fan of vegetables and continue to only prepare those I like, which is not many. I am afraid without variety I will struggle the further along I get. At this point I am still going strong, today is my first day without an afternoon nap and my energy has been high. I survived labor day weekend and a family gathering. I found I was eating fruit to satitsfy my sugar cravings; I am not making a conscientious effort to understand why I am reaching to eat it before I actually do.  Tomorrow is my first day on the program that I will be at work, I am in an all day meeting, lunch provided. Nothing I can eat of course, I have my salad packed and am ready to go.


Thanks for reading,


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