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This time I'll make it - W30+restart


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Missed a few days of logging. I've been on track, except for sleep. Mostly the problem is the cat, I must say. Going to try Natural Calm to see if it helps me get back to sleep faster when he wakes me up. Very frustrated with sleep.

Went to the grocery store for lunch today and almost caved on buying chicken that had some oils that were non compliant, but managed to buy whole foods instead. Bought some hard boiled eggs, raw veggies and some fruit. - maybe leaning too much on the fruit today but not too worried about it as I've been generally pretty good about keeping that to a minimum.

Starting to develop a taste for black coffee. Have never really liked the whole coconut milk thing with the coffee. Going to keep trying some different brews.

Derval, VERY happy about Season 3 of Homeland. SUCH a good show. :)

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Day 16:

Still on track, caught up on sleep last night. But not feeling great. Kind of sad because the W30 emails are talking about how great I should feel and I don't, really. Still getting hungry and having to snack, still having sporadic sleep, not sure I've lost much weight at all. My cycle this month was worse than last month as far as PMS, and generally I don't get PMS, so that's a bummer.

The only thing that might be considered non compliant is the amount of nuts I've eaten this week, but I swear I've been pretty darn on point with this whole thing.

This might be hormones speaking, but I don't know. Also, might be lack of sleep, even though I slept pretty well last night, I'm probably still at a deficit this week.

Not giving up, but just disappointed.....

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I didn't start to feel really great (like dance on the clouds great) until day 21 or so. My period was right in the middle and it was awful! Spotting for a week and then a normal period for a week. Add to that, horrible cramps. My next period (post W30) was a breeze. No crazy cravings at ovulation or 4 days before starting. No cramps. In fact, I was surprised when I started. My cycle is 28-37 days so I can never pinpoint a start date. I used to know based on cramps and cravings. I had to get rid of nuts. Walnuts itch my tongue so those weren't an issue. Cashews and macadamia nuts were like crack to me. Hang in there.

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Day 17

Slept on and off for probably 8 or more hours. Took a nap in the morning.

Had the last of the chocolate chili for breakfast. That really works for me, and I'm really getting good at whipping up a batch without much fuss. :)

I also did pretty well in prepping enough food to get me through the week. I ate the last of both proteins today! Perfect!

Made the whipped coconut coffee creamer this morning, and it worked pretty good. Not sure I'm comfortable with the egg part of the recipe, but the vanilla helped.

Eating avocado lime deviled eggs for lunch.

Did not make it to Crossfit this morning because I needed more sleep. I bought a coupon for a month and I really hope I can manage to use it and still get sleep.... Bought some natural calm today and I'm going to try that tonight....

Thanks for the encouragement, jennrider. Macadamia nuts are like crack, indeed.... Went to Whole Foods and they had run out of the beautiful bulk walnut halves and only had bulk walnut pieces which were not nearly as appealing. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. :)

Yesterday at work there was a birthday party with Boston Cream cake and boy, it looked good. But none for me!

Also, had another one of those dreams where I somewhat absent mindedly eat something with wheat and sugar - I think it was maybe Cinnabon or something this time? and ruined my Whole 30 progress. :) Alas, it is not true! I am still on track!

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Day 18

Slept very well, probably 8 hours. Took the Natural Calm, and I do think that helped.

Did not eat protein for dinner or for breakfast. That is definitely off track, but I did not eat off plan food. I ate veggies and fruit. Back on track for lunch.

Bought a ton of organic chicken from Costco, and a big-ass bag of broccoli, now that I know that I'm really going to eat that much in a week :) Used to be that since I was living alone I really wouldn't have much use for the ginormous bulk buy at Costco. But now that I'm eating all these veggies and all this protein, it works for me! I went early enough that the sample people were not out, which is a good thing. I used to allow samples as a cheat food on previous diets, but not anymore!

Bought some Halloween candy too because my neighborhood is CRAZY with the trick or treaters, but I'm not remotely tempted to crack it open for myself.

Dinner: Chipotle pork salad with guacamole

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Day 19

Not a lot of sleep. Cat. Natural Calm did not help with getting back to sleep.

Chocolate Chili for breakfast, with avocado. Cold brewed black coffee.

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Chicken thighs, roasted brussel sprouts

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Another thing I noticed yesterday: I had some raspberries for a snack, and I feel like they may be too sweet for me. It seems that berries are recommended over apples and bananas, yet berries were causing a sugar craving more than apples and bananas do for me. I know the glycemic index is higher, probably, but psychologically, taste-wise, raspberries are more trouble. I LOVE them, but can resist them.

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Day 20

Not a lot of sleep again. It's probably going to mess with my results at this rate given how little I'm getting. Natural Calm helped not at all last night and may have contributed to the lower digestive issues that got me up at 1am and 2am....

I do think I might be losing a little weight, though. Won't know how many pounds exactly since I never weighed and measured before I started, but pants are fitting better and looser a bit.

Chocolate Chili with spinach and avocado seems to be my go-to breakfast and it's generally working for me.

No snack.

Lunch: Chicken thigh, steamed cauliflower

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Starving this afternoon. Had an apple and a hard boiled egg, and I'm still hungry. Oh. And yeah, I had some walnuts. I guess I've kind of given in on the walnuts, trying to do it in moderation.

I've taken to drinking black coffee, and I wonder if it's contributing to the hunger issue. Could also be the extreme lack of sleep and maybe not enough fat at lunch. Also stress! Whoohoo! At least I'm not really having issues with wanting to ditch the program and cheat. I did take a llllllong look at a cheese sample in the grocery store, but that was more nostalgia than craving. I feel like i've gone so long on this that if I broke down and cheated, it would be a substantial psychological blow and would actually ADD to my stress....

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Day 21

7 ish hours of sleep. An improvement over the last few days...

Had the usual chocolate chili with spinach and avocado for breakfast. Funny, I used to buy avocados and have to force myself to eat them before they went bad. Now I can't wait until they're ripe. Eating 1 a day at least. Works for me :)

I've decided that my Halloween treat for the day is a cup of decaf with whole coconut milk instead of the light stuff, and some vanilla. :) Been drinking it black, but occasionally like it with the coconut milk. You really have to drink it fast, though, because it's so gross when it starts to get cold....

Snack: banana

Lunch: chicken thigh, brussels sprouts.

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Day 22

Sleep was okay, not great. Probably 6 to 7 hours. I'm a little tired today. I need a few days of good long sleep...

OD'ed on pumpkin seeds yesterday, but otherwise was right on track and not tempted at all by Halloween candy. I managed to get rid of all of it for all the kinds in the neighborhood.

I really wish I could get this sleep thing down so I can get back to exercise and really see what kind of results I can get. I think it's clouded by the lack of sleep, and my stress levels. After tomorrow, I should be able to control my schedule a bit more for a while.

Having some minor lower intestinal distress. Going to maybe eat some sauerkraut tonight with eggs.

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Day 23

7 ish hours of sleep.

Last night I went to a play and ended up eating really late, so I had an egg and an avocado for dinner, only.

Had another dream last night about inadvertently eating something non compliant, just popping something in my mouth. That's the third time. Actually woke up feeling relieved that it was only a dream!

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Day 24.

Good sleep! I think it was 8 hours.

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled in ghee, apple sauerkraut, broccoli.

Going to a conference today all day and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get protein for the day. I have some Primal Pacs which will help, but that's not exactly lunch... I could bring meat but I'm not sure there will be a microwave. Hmmm. I'm just going to have to do some careful restaurant hunting and ask a lot of questions...

Also, I was going to do this until December 20th, but now I have a 10 day business trip from Dec 3rd...with some time with family at the end. This is going to be tricky. Family gives me a hard enough time with how picky I am about restaurants (no chinese with MSG, etc) Maybe I can get them to go to Chipotle.... Well I have time to prepare, and by then I will have done nearly 60 days, more if you count the 11 days with minor restart issues.

Had ANOTHER dream about eating something off the program and breaking my goal. !

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Day 25

I think I got about 7 or 8 hours, but it was a little fitful. Still, slept long enough, I think.

Well, that conference went well, no problems! The Primal Pac and a sweet potato was a good lunch, and I wasn't hungry through the day. Went out with some people I had just met and managed to eat a nice healthy compliant salad with some grilled shrimp. Felt a little awkward because I wasn't drinking beer and I ate a naked salad with no croutons and no dressing, but they were polite about it and the restaurant was great.

Ground beef for breakfast, with spinach and some avocado. Realizing just how much I need to make sure I get that fat every day.

Primal Pac for lunch, and a banana (was on the run...)

No snack!

Dinner: 3 eggs scrambled, big pile of broccoli.

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Day 26

Good sleep. Probably 7.5 hours.

You know, I have eaten 3 POUNDS OF BROCCOLI all by myself in the last week. !!!!!!!

Going to Crossfit this morning. I expect to get my butt kicked. Very out of shape...

Breakfast: Sauteed chicken, pile of broccoli

Lunch: chicken, more broccoli

Snack: apple and almond butter

Dinner 2 eggs, zucchini, sweet potato

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Day 27

Pretty good sleep. Still looking for another 8 to 9+ night...

Kind of hurt my back in my FIRST DAY BACK AT CROSSFIT. WITHIN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES... Muscle spasm.. Damnit. But I worked through it. Luckily I was the only person in the class so he had no problem adjusting to my situation. I finished the workout. My legs are sore from all those squats, which I'm guessing will be more of a problem tomorrow than my back.... :)

It's still sore this morning, but not bad at all. Went for a walk. I think that will help.

Made some chicken thighs this morning, and roasted zucchini. Also bought some pork to roast in my new crock pot!! Looking forward to it.

Right now I'm baking cookies for the campaign office. Interesting that this time I'm not even having the slightest crumb - a couple of chocolate chips fell off when I was putting it on the sheet, and I usually pop those in my mouth. Not this time. Not AT ALL.

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, cup of broccoli. A banana.

Lunch: Chicken thigh, roasted zucchini

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Day 30

Well, I'm at the end of my 30, but I'm not stopping. I'm not satisfied with my results yet, still haven't gotten sufficient sleep to see what kind of results I'm really getting. I originally planned to go to December 20th. I may not be able to do that but I think at least until December 3rd. I like the structure of this program, and I see no reason not to continue it.

Yesterday I didn't have much hunger, but today I did, and snacked some.

The results I still want to see;

balanced sleep

more weight loss

clearer skin - improved but still some areas I was hoping would clear up.

less hunger and fewer cravings

I did Crossfit 3 times this week and i'm sure that's been a bit of a shock to my system too. Pretty intense workouts. I plan on doing 3 times a week until December, at least, so we'll see how that goes with everything else.

I've been thinking - oh, I've finished the 30, I'll just have a latte before continuing on, but I really would like to not send my system a curveball. I'd rather keep the momentum.

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