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Salt Maniac


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This is my 4th Whole30... I really have actually enjoyed them and try to stay 90% clean between  (sorry.. I like bluecheese.. cant help myself)

This one has been different.

Normally I don't salt my foods.. I always leave it out of any recipes I make.. and I don't keep a shaker at the table... Just not interested in it


The salt cravings are driving me insane.

I bet I have put more salt on food in the last 21 days... than I have in the last 21 years.

I haven't found anything on here covering this... does this seem normal?

Folks have told me to drink more water... but I drink nearly a gallon a day... more if it is really hot.

Any suggestions  or insight?


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Your body needs sodium, it's one of the required electrolytes for humans to function. Salt to a taste that is pleasant to you and you'll be fine.  Some times it'll be more and some times less. I personally like an amount of salt that makes food unpalatable for my husband.


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Raven... Sorry I never saw your question until today..

My cravings tend to lean more toward texture than taste normally... I crave chewy things... 

I used to eat dried meats to satisfy that urge...  but I havent found a compliant one I like so I just gave it up completely!



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