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Day #30


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I've finished Day #30.....what a journey!!

I really like how I feel.  My favorite thing/result is that I don't have hunger issues/cravings between meals.  I work midnights and keeping awake during my shift the past month has been the best yet.  My sleep is greatly improved, too.

I like to cook and have never minded time spent in the kitchen.  I've spent quite a few hours in the kitchen this past 30 days.  I've never cooked this healthy before and I've never felt this good before.

I run quite a bit.  The first two weeks of runs on Whole30 were awful.  It's still not great....I'd say I'm about 60% back, in terms of strength and endurance.  Recovery has been an issue too.  I'm pretty fatigued and nauseated after long runs.

As I start Day #31 tomorrow I plan to stick the basic concept of Whole30.  I'll eat three meals a day consisting of protein, lots of vegetables, and a little bit of fruit.  I love the sauces, dressings, and condiments to spice meals up.  I may eat bread occasionally or dessert once in a while, but not daily.

My sugar dragon is still quietly roaring.  I have to keep it contained.  I was a sugar addict prior to Whole30.....for many, many years.  If I have difficulty keeping the dragon leashed, I'll commit to another Whole30.  

I never knew I could feel this healthy just by eating right.  Past medical conditions were all GI related:  irritable bowel, colitis, diarrhea/constipation, etc.  They are GONE.  My GI track is quiet, quiet, quiet!!!

I am so incredibly grateful I found the Whole30 as a result of a Google "weight-loss"  search.

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