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I'm so proud! Buffalo stuffed sweet potato (homemade ranch + buffalo sauce)


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Okay I'm super proud of myself for this so I had to share with like minded people who would appreciate the beauty :)  This is the first whole 30 meal I made that's "complex" compared to just protein, veggies, etc. It's buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato (added a bit of prosciutto because I was making some for breakfast) with homemade ranch. And basic veggies on the side. I made the buffalo sauce from just ghee and Frank's red. The ranch was made from homemade mayo I made from another recipe. I got it from Pinterest and I'm just so stoked. It was delicious!!!! 



Buffalo chicken recipe: 


I actually baked the chicken and the threw it in the sauce pan to coat it with the sauce, took 45 min or so instead of waiting hours for the slow cooker. 


Ranch recipe:



the he only issue I have with my ranch is it turned out pretty runny, still delicious though. I think my homemade mayo is to blame because it wasn't very thick to begin with. 





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