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Eggs galore!


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Hi everyone,

I'm planning my Whole 30 adventure, which I'm very excited about. Upon reading some of the breakfast recipes that require eggs, I realized that most of the egg recipes call for 4-6 eggs. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to eat all 6 eggs for one breakfast, or are some supposed to be for leftovers? Hypothetically, if I were to follow the 7-day meal plan, I would be eating 18+ eggs in one week. I thought that was a bit much, plus the meal plan doesn't call for breakfast as leftovers for future meals. Am I misunderstanding something?! Can anyone kindly advise?

Thanks all! Take care :)


Ky, AKA The Whole 30 Noob

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In general, a serving of eggs when they're your only protein source I'd as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand. That's probably 3-4 for most people, possibly more. If there's some other protein, like sausage or chicken, you might have less eggs.

I can't remember if the recipes in the book were meant to serve one or two, but either adjust the recipes or plan for leftovers to suit your personal serving size.

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