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I'm ready to start my intro with Oatmeal.  That is truly the only pre Whole 30 food that I really missed.

I'm not clear on how or how much ??  I would like to have this for my breakfast.  Any suggested amount?

Do I sub it out for the 1-2 cups of veggies?   Do I still have my handful of eggs ( including the yolk for my fats)?

For a true introduction do I also need to include it at Lunch / Dinner for the first day or can I just have it for breakfast every day.

Should I want to introduce something else after a few weeks of having oatmeal for breakfast ( providing I have no bad reactions) -

How long should I go back to Whole 30 to clear my system.?

Thanks in advance for any insights & wisdom from those in the know.


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For a proper reintro you'll want to have non gluten grain (or just oats) at each of your three meals, and then go back to compliant eating for at least two days - longer if you have symptoms in which case you should wait until those subside before trialling anything new..

A serving of grains (either with or without gluten) is approx fist sized, and you could probably sub it for the veg on the template. You'll still want a protein & fat serving alongside.

Good luck!

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I'm glad this was brought up -- I too am missing my breakfast oatmeal and was wondering if just oatmeal for breakfast would work. (Also, I have learned from one of our university wellness persons who eats clean that I should check the oats container -- I didn't know that some oats contained gluten!)

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The oats themselves shouldn't contain gluten, but there are cross-contamination issues in some cases.

If you have just oatmeal for breakfast, with no protein or fat, it probably won't keep you full as long as a bigger breakfast with protein, fat, and vegetables, and of course we're going to say it's important to eat vegetables at every meal to get in all the vitamins and nutrients.  That said, you're an adult and can decide for yourself what works best for you, and if your plan going forward would be to have the oatmeal by itself as a meal, doing that now will give you an accurate look at how that will affect you.

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