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Whole30 - Start 9/6, Moving that Mountain


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Day 2 ended okay. Wednesday nights are my night out of the house but a knitting circle isn't exactly a trigger for me so I didn't have any real problems except that next week I need to bring dinner with me to work. I did experience a really strong craving for a diet coke on my way home. I drive right by a McDonalds and the idea of the taste/feel of a soda was banging around in my brain but I kept going!

Going cold turkey on Diet Coke (I'm an addict for the stuff and don't drink coffee so its my only real caffeine source) was probably my biggest concern with week 1. Amazingly, I only had a bad headache on Day 1 and a little green tea took the edge off.

On to Day 3, 1/2 way point: I'm definitely feeling the aches and pains of the diet change today. I think its being made worse by the weather we are having: very hot and humid which is my least favorite- air so thick you can slice it.

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End of Day 3: Made frittata for dinner so I would have left overs for breakfast on Friday. Alas, I was confounded by my husband's extreme appetite- this is what hardly eating all day does to you. I increased the size of the recipe from 6 to 8 eggs and I still only had one small piece left over! My kids were not super interested in the eggs and my son is the only one who ate any bacon so I made them each a waffle. And apple slices for everyone.

Day 4: Working from home today is a different sort of challenge: Staying awake! In order to make up for my small serving of frittata (which was delicious, coming from someone that is picky about eggs), I added some slices of smoked salmon with some grapes on the side. Lunch was leftover salsa verde chicken with tomatoes, cilantro and avocado plus a few more grapes. 

I'm about to go pick up my kids and then have dinner with my parents. I'm pushing for the Mediterranean place since I know I can get what I need there to stay compliant. After dinner, we are going to a BBQ and Blues street festival and I have to assume there likely won't be anything for me to eat there. 


I've still got some achiness in my joints, especially my lower back/hips/legs. Its less noticeable if I keep moving so hopefully the post-dinner walk will help!

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Been to busy with work/kids/life to update this (and hate using my phone before bed when it's "easiest").

Made it through last weekend although I almost slipped on Sunday, accidentally. Ordered a Greek omelet without the cheese and completely missed the tzatziki sauce. Fortunately, it was on the side when they brought the plate out!

The pain my lower back/hips lingered for several more days, actually getting worse one night to the point of sending me digging in the medicine cabinet (had to settle for extra strength tylenol). However, by Tuesday it was essentially gone! Yay!

Wednesday night I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary with DH by going to a Tigers game which was exciting and they won and I planned ahead with several snack items in case I couldn't find anything I could make compliant. No Diet Coke cravings to taunt me either since they serve Pepsi at the ballpark!

So last night (Thursday), I made the best throw together meal yet for dinner: Diced peppers and onions seasoned with Rogan Josh spice blend and sauteed with Aidells Chicken-Apple Sausages (sliced) then I added some sliced red apple and served the whole shebang over crispy "toasted" kale with lemon juice. And I threw some pistachios on top for bonus crunch. My kids even ate it!

Another dinner out tonight and then card night at the neighbors. I think I'm going to break out the sparkling water drinks for that.

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