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So far so good... Day 3


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My first Whole30 and so far it couldn't be going better.  I feel fantastic and cravings have already gone way down. Still waiting for the horrible headache or exhaustion that everyone keeps talking about to hit (my diet before this was horrible -- I was absolutely addicted to Diet Coke, fried foods and ice cream) but so far so good.

Day One -
Breakfast: Baked egg/vegetable/Trader Joes garlic herb chicken sausage casserole, salad with balsamic vinegar/olive oil, watermelon pieces
Afternoon snack (my breakfast was around 11, not craving lunch) - Sliced strawberries, mango, cucumber and banana with shredded coconut on top
Dinner: Zucchini noodles with Trader Joes roasted garlic pasta sauce, cut up peppers and onions, unsweetened apple sauce on the side

Day Two -
Breakfast: Leftover egg sausage casserole and banana
Lunch: Leftover zucchini pasta
Snack: That's It (100% fruit Bar), hard boiled egg
Dinner: Chicken vegetable stir fry (from Whole30 cookbook -- so good!), unsweetened apple sauce on the side

Day Three -
Breakfast: Leftover egg sausage casserole with guacamole on top, banana
Lunch: Leftover chicken vegetable stir fry, watermelon
Dinner to be balsamic salmon and roasted veggies

I recognize I am still a bit too heavy on the fruits and will cut this down as the program goes on. As mentioned above, I had a MEAN sweet tooth before this so I am doing the best I can.

A silly question but what do folks on the Whole30 to ward off garlic breath (see pasta above)? I usually reach for a breath mint which I know are big no-no's on this plan. I have a mint plant at home but of course it's not always feasible to have a few leaves with me. Should I carry toothpaste in my purse?

Thanks and best of luck to everyone else who began the Whole30 on Monday. We can do this!!

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There are some breath freshening tips in this article.

The very best thing to do to get rid of a sweet tooth is actually to quit giving it sweet things. It'll suck for a few days, but in the end, eating plenty of vegetables, protein, and fat, with fruit just as an occasional thing with a complete meal, will ultimately keep you from craving sweet things.

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Hi Elana,

I started on Sep 5th Monday and this is my first whole30.

The first two days were easy and I was feeling good.   The second day I had trouble falling asleep.  The last three days, I found myself doing a lot prep work and trying new recipes.  Yesterday made cauliflower puree - did not like at all and will never make it again!  Made the unami gravy - nom nom paleo - delicious.

Day 3 I woke up late this morning (very unusual) and with a headache, which I have had all day today.  Despite how I am feeling, energy was steady and all is good.

I enjoyed reading your post and your food sounds delicious!

Good luck and yes we can do it!!!!!



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