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Day 23 and how i feel, travel tips anyone?


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hi there Whole30 community!

just wanted to share how i feel on my Day 23.

I started the program mostly for the health reasons ( my sugar cravings were uncontrollable!!!!!) .  I know that this is not a weight loss diet and benefits of the program are so much greater that just shedding the pounds. however i was 172 lbs on 8/17, my first day of the program and  and i am [edited by moderator to remove weight]

for last couple of day i have noticed that my sugar cravings are less and it seems i am able to do the right plate composition as i am now holding about 5 hour intervals between meals.  however what was surprising to me, that  this morning  my usual portion sizes for greens and protein seemed too much food to handle. weeks ago looking at the same amounts on my plate  i would say it was too little.

overall i am very happy how things are going thus fur. i do not lie , i still have cravings for junk food and sugary treats, but i am managing it so much better ! :)

Soon I will be traveling for few weeks covering different countries across different time zones,  this will probably be a test to  how i  do in this circumstances, i would like to be prepared and  keep the program going till finish 30 days and beyond.  so i would like  to get as much feedback from the community  as possible  on "survival" during travel, adjusting the eating habits to new environment and time zone too.

thanks in advance,


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Hi Tamara

Please note that I have edited your post to remove your current weight. Just like no grains, or no alcohol, weighing is against the rules and we ask that you do not report weight loss/gain discovered as a result of weighing on the forums until the end of your 30 days.

With regard to travel I'd recommend taking as much complaint foods (tinned fish, pouches of olives, jars of pickles for instance) with you as possible so that you have foods to eat until such times as you can source food locally. When eating out the same rules apply as in any country - ask all the questions you can, and be very specific about the foods you want to avoid.

Fairly safe options are:

Poached eggs

Grilled tomatoes

Dry grilled steak/fish

Salads without dressing/cheese/croutons



Plain baked potatoes

Steamed veg

Of course if you've completed your 30 days and have conducted some reintros there may be other non Whole30 foods you'll wish to include (such as sugar, butter & rice for example which may make eating out a little easier if you tolerate them) - but that's entirely at your discretion...

Hope this helps!

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I recommend you not attempt to maintain a Whole30 while traveling. You have access to foods you will not otherwise have access to. You should experience them. And finding enough food to nourish yourself while staying Whole30-compliant is difficult on the road. You've got other things to occupy your mind with while traveling than whether your food was fried in peanut oil or not. 

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