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Digestive Enzymes and a Pro-Biotic?


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I have chronic IBS with constipation (no diarrhea unless I get a stomach virus) and I have read through much of the forum but have not found a whole lot on the topic as far as utilizing supliments. Doctors told me there really isn't anything to do but use miralax once a month or live with it as changes in my diet won't help his chronic condition because my digestive system is slow. I've been told this by doctors all over the US since I was younger. I am 26 now. Naturally that didn't sit well which is why I'm here now. I'm tired of ending up in the ER for abdominal pain and syncope episodes. I read in a post somewhere that someone takes Now Foods Digestive Enzyme and Now Foods Probiotic.

Do these do different things? Would it be helpful to take both? Or do I only need one or there other? Are these both still whole30 compliant? I am also going to start taking SFH fish oil and D3. Any other reccomendations as far as supplements go?

Doctors have not been helpful my entire life just slapping me with a label. I already eat pretty clean. I'm taking supplements as a last resort. I have a wide variety of veggies and proteins in my diet and usually steer clear of high fodmap foods. I feel great already on day 4, which I think is because I ate pretty good already. I feel like supplements will be my savior. 


Please advise. Thanks in advance!

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Here's an article that explains a little more about digestive enzymes, and here's one that talks about probiotics. I'm not sure whether the two you're asking about are compliant, you'd need to find the ingredients list and see. They do do slightly different things.

I don't know as much about the enzymes, but for the probiotics, you can get more of them, and they'll be more bioavailable and easier for your body to use, if you try to incorporate fermented foods like raw kimchi and sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables (these are easy to make at home with just salt, water, and vegetables -- this site has a lot of recipes and tips).  Some people find kombucha helpful as well.

Other things that are helpful for constipation include being sure you're drinking plenty of water (at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so if you weigh 120 lbs, at least 60 oz), including plenty of fat in your meals, leafy green vegetables, and getting some kind of exercise/activity each day. You're probably already doing all of these things, but I thought I'd mention them, just in case.


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