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I've already discovered something...


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I'm only ending day 5 but I've already discovered a few things about my eating plan. When my plate is loaded down with a base of starch, greens on top, meat/protein on top of that with fixin's on the side and (seemingly) drenched in oil or fat, I am physically stuffed AND emotionally/psychologically satisfied and easily sail through 5 hours. I appear to be losing weight. My jeans are loose and I can totally see it in my face. 

When any of those elements are missing...not so much. When there's no starch I feel snacky & 'wanting'.when there's no greens I feel heavy & 'missing something '. The only exception, ironically, is fruit. If all of the other elements are in place, I don't need fruit. I find that fascinating.

I've tried to post pictures but I keep getting an error message. An example of a 'perfect-for-me' meal is: mashed sweet potato base, rocket lettuce on top w/avocado oil, ground sausage/turkey meat w/BBQ sauce on top. Sliced red onion, roasted balsamic carrots and 2 hard boiled eggs sliced. A HUGE meal that takes me over 30 minutes to finish. 

I know I've hit the jackpot when I begin to sweat towards the end of my meal. And, I REALLY know I nailed it when I go to the bathroom about 30 minutes later. Everything just seems to 'work'. 

Im going to play with portion sizes a bit though because I am sooo full at the end. It's sometimes uncomfortable.  

Its really been an interesting journey, so far.

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And your BBQ sauce is W30 compliant, right? No added sugar or sweeteners? ;)

I've done two W30s, and I find that following the meal template works so well for me. I can tolerate dairy, but I find that I really don't *need* it. Lots of veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and fruit occasionally really work best for me.

I say two W30s, because I ate too much sugar after the first and lost my fat adaption. A mistake I never want to repeat. :)

Best wishes on your journey!

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