At a loss for fats


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My picky, picky 11 y/o girl is not getting enough fat.  She'll eat almond butter, and will force ranch if I tell her she has to.  She doesn't like mayo, avocado, sunbutter (no sunshine sauce there), fatty meats (texture) and really doesn't care for ranch.  She does love her home fries cooked in duck fat, but that's really not enough.  She's too hungry when I pick her up.  Her snack today was an apple with almond butter and an Epic Venison bar, and she was starving when I got there.  She also doesn't like Applegate hot dogs.

She also isn't much for eating in the mornings.  She only likes a fried egg if its over rice with soy sauce.  Cauli-rice & coconut amino's were a fail.  She'll try to eat a piece of sausage (which she likes), but not going so well.  I'm toying with the dreaded egg/banana flattened disk for her only.

I'm at a loss!

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It's perfectly acceptable to use SWYPO foods for kids if it will help get food into them - pancakes, zucchini bread, muffins (have you tried savoury ones?), cauliflower based pizza. whatever it takes. You could get her to try celery with nut butter rather than apple? It's less of a sugar kick for her...

In terms of fats how about short ribs? or Crispy chicken wings? Chicken tenders/fish pieces breaded in almond meal? Does she like coconut milk/cream? You could make soups/stews using it, or add a dollop on top of mashed potato, or use it to make creamed spinach..... or top some fruit with it at a push, or dare I say add it to a fruit/veg smoothie (again, kids only!). Ghee also works well for using on top of veg, or adding to mashed root veg or baked potatoes....

Hope this helps!

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We've done meat muffins in the past, with so-so results, but now I'm going to go look up kid compliant zucchini bread and muffins and such.  Not to over-do it. I think she might be ok spreading ghee on that.  And she loves NomNom's crispy chicken thighs.  Unless I miss some fat under the skin.  She's old enough that I make her pick it out.  LOL.

Not so much on the coconut milk/cream.  But maybe work it into a smoothie.  Pure coconut she's ok with, so I'll see if I can figure out how to do something with that.  Don't want to start on the coconut butter, that stuff is like crack for me so I don't want it around.  She will do her brussels in ghee. 

I think I'm putting her to work on some of this this weekend.  I'm starting to feel like a short order cook!

Thank you so much for the suggestions!!!

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