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Day 5 Check In!

Mrs Mac

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I've been reading some of the threads and can't figure out how to reply... So I will start my own. 

Hi! I am feeling great, day 5 is supposed to be one of the hard days right? I haven't found any of the days hard! I haven't had the hangover that the book and other people have described. I thought to myself, "am i doing this right?"  

I have already found the I really love the food prep. Crazy right?! But for some reason, chopping vegetables and packing my food for the next day makes me happy. I love feeling proud of myself for feeding my body good healthy food. I haven't done so well in the past. I was one to turn to quick and convenient. I was single for so long and a bowl of cereal was a perfectly acceptable dinner. I wouldn't admit it then, but I was LAZY. It really isn't that hard to throw together a healthy meal for one... But now that I am married, I wanted to be as healthy as I can be so that we can start our family and we could live a long and happy life. My husband is resistant to change. I knew that he would not be able to make the commitment required to do this with me, but I couldn't let that stop me. I had tried this before and made it half a day... I just wasn't really ready! BUT NOW... I feel like I could go around to everyone I know and preach the praises of Whole30! I was finally ready. The week before the 9/5 start date, I started to evaluate what would help me succeed. I gave the fact that I'd be doing this on my own a lot of thought to be sure that could commit! After a talk with my hubby, it was decided, I was going to do it for me and I will be successful, even if he is eating ice cream while i have an apple. It is going to be okay, it's 30 days!

To keep myself going I have been making my meals colorful. I love to see all the yummy healthy veggies on my plate, it makes me smile! Here is a snap shot of last nights dinner: Canned whole white tuna tossed with parsley, celery, red peppers, dill pickles and about a TBS of the primal kitchen Avocado Mayo. I put the tuna on top of a pile of cherry tomatoes and avocados. It was scrumptious! 

After 5 days, I still feeling pumped! I woke up refreshed this morning, I had my lunch bag packed with the only things I was going to eat today at work. Dinner is planned out and I am looking forward to cooking it and EATING IT! I know that the weekend presents some challenges, but i am ready to get the first one behind me and continue the rest of my 30 day life change process. 

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!!

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