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week 3 wheee!

Jon's wife

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Hello all,

I've been so busy I have not kept up with the forum.  I am one day short of 3 week son whole 30.   *** if you have not read the book " it starts with food" it is a MUST!!!  Finally so many things make sense.  REALLY, REALLY helped me.

Many surprises such as I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweet potatoes!  Learned that I LIKE spaghetti squash  using it quite often.  I am creating new meals which is fun.  I really really like coconut milk/red curry/chicken over spag  squash. I need to add broccoli, carrots next time.

I still do struggle with the sugar, more mental than physical.  I have had a to cut back on the Lara bars, they support the link to sugar in my brain.   I really think this is what I have been lacking for so long.  It is challenging at times, but over all, this is something I CAN do.

have a great day



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