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Log week2 sunday 9/11


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Meal 1

Scrambled Eggs with sausage and spinach, fresh fruit, coffee with coconut milk.

Meal 2

Chicken wings, 1 avocado, water

Meal 3

Salad with chicken, artichoke, olives, tomstoes, cukes, carrots, homemade vinaigrette dressing. Water

Sweet potato toast

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Day 8. I notice that I am rarely "starving" as I normally am. I also have zero bouts of shakiness or feeling like my blood sugar is low.

Meal1. 2 Eggs scrambled, spinach, mushrooms, sweet potato. Coffee with almond milk

Meal2 Green salad tomatoes, cukes,mushrooms,carrots,boiled egg, 3 dates,

Snack, almonds &dried cranberries

Meal3 country ribs, sauerkraut, potatoes

Coffee with almond milk

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 Day 9

I find that I'm snacking more and will Need to back that down. The psychological act of snacking is my downfall. 

Meal 1- 2 Eggs scrambled with mushrooms and spinach. half of an avocado, fresh fruit. Coffee with coconut milk

Morning Snack- dried cranberries & cashews

Meal 2. 1 seasoned hamburger patty with mushrooms, avocado &  hot sauce. Cole slaw, water

Snack.  pork rinds (I won't do these again, I react to them like potato chips). Water

Worked out

Meal 3, Green salad with artichokes, pepperoncinis, olives, egg, carrot, cukes, and homemade vinaigrette. (I need more protein). Coffee, 2 dried dates.

I find that I am sleeping really hard and feel very rested when I wake.


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Day 14 in the bag. I am bound and determined to make these last two weeks be totally free from my snacking obsession. Pre Whole30 I always craved something sweet after eating, and would indulge in anything that was around. Snacking was also huge. I have been turning a blind eye for the past few days to my becoming addicted to dried fruit. Eating it like candy. No more fruit! I have not had enough vegies or water, I vow to increase both. 

Last couple days of meals have been light on everything. Got away from meal prepping, am doing a bunch tomorrow so as to end this on a high note.  I am getting a lot of cold sores and my face is breaking out. Drink more water! 

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