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All I want is a glass of rosé


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Day 22 and feeling GREAT! Was a little worried early on but am definitely seeing the results promised and enjoying eating healthfully; honestly, there aren't really any old foods that even get me super excited anymore, and my cravings have completely gone away.

All except one. 

I am DEARLY missing having a glass of wine now and then, after a long day or out with friends. I've become a total hermit during the program, which has definitely had it's upsides (not racking up tabs at the bars, and my apartment is SO CLEAN). I've done the whole seltzer/kombucha/replacing the ritual thing, but I really miss being able to go out and have fun with my friends and it JUST is not the same. 

So my question is, how bad exactly would it be if I had like, a few glasses of wine as I wind down the program here? It's made from grapes, right? (Kidding (kind of)).


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