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How is everyone doing

Mrs Mac

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Hi All, My name is Casey, I started my whole30 on 9/5, It took me a while to find this feed!!!

SO, it's day 9! That is pretty exciting right?! I haven't had the "hangover" or the "eat all the things" moments, yet... But i have had some cravings for Chocolate!! i had a dream that I ate pizza and then had a total meltdown that i blew my 100% streak! HAHA, I am so glad it was just a dream! Food has it's way of calling to you, doesn't it. 

Other than that, i have really enjoyed eating all the yummy, colorful, nutritious, delicious foods! My coworkers see and smell the breakfast and lunches i bring in and are curious about this whole 30 concept! I am happy to share the good word. 

I hope everyone else is doing good and making it through... almost a third done! 

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