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I usually have breakfast at 6:30 am and then lunch is at 12N, so that is 5/5 hours between meals.  Noticed that I get hungry about 10am so have a small snack of closed handful of my own roasted cashews and dried tart sugar free cherries.  Should I bump up my breakfast or snack on something else?  Thanks for your help.



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55 minutes ago, JulieP757 said:

What are you eating for breakfast? Sounds like it may not be enough food.  If you have to snack, you should eat at least two of the macros - protein and fat, protein and veggies or veggies and fat or a mini-meal.  Snacking on nuts and dried fruit isn't optimal.

There are several reasons fruit and nuts aren't optimal. In nuts, the omega ratios are poor. Fruit tends to feed the sugar dragon if not eaten with a meal. While technically you're eating compliantly and two macros (carbs and fats), it'd be better to eat a mini meal (for example, salmon cake, mayo, and some roasted veggies), or two macros, using veggies for carbs, protein and fat (hard boiled eggs and mayo for example). 

Meals should keep you sated for about 4-6 hours. If you're hungry before that, maybe we can help you tweak your meals. Can you give a few days of meals using the meal template as a guide (for instance this morning I had about a palm and a half of hamburger, a thumb and a half of mayo, and about a cup and a half of broccoli. I also had a cup of coffee with coconut and almond milk) and try to be specific in your descriptions of meals. While snacking is allowed, it is not encouraged  



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Is it hunger? Or is it habit?

I eat breakfast @ 6:30am and have lunch around 1:30/2:00. In my preW30 days I had a mug of herbal/green tea with a square of dark chocolate or a small handful of traul mix @ 11am every day. When I started W30 I cut out the snack on day one. Almost 20mths have passed and I *still* get that little 'hunger pang' @ 11am, but if I have a mug of herbal tea, or a glass of water it's gone in less than 5mins. People often misinterpret thirst for hunger.

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