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Dairy reintro - what is considered symptoms of intolerance?


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I did the dairy reintro two days ago now. I had a plain small latte with cinnamon with breakfast, a cup of plain full fat greek yogurt with lunch, and some soft and some shredded cheese with my dinner. Immediate thoughts from the latte: I didn't like the taste (even thought this used to be my favourite coffee drink!), it actually made me feel fatigued, some stomach gurgling but nothing major, I noticed a flicker of heartburn which I have not had since starting the Whole30 45 days ago.

Yogurt evaluation: I felt an intense need to go to the bathroom, then once I was there I was constipated.. (this was resolved later in the day after a work out), stomach bloating (but nothing like gluten) and gas - more gas than I've had in 45 days!

Cheese evaluation: no noticeable bloating, very minor gurgling, still a but of gas, but most of all VERY tired.

End of day: I didn't feel good, that's for sure. I was still experiencing heartburn before bed, and I could barely keep my eyes open, and I was definitely gassy. BUT could this be simply because it is my first dairy? My question is - are these reactions enough to suspect a dairy sensitivity or intolerance, or are these typical when having dairy after such a long time away from it (aka my body hasn't produced any lactase in the past 45 days).

Any thoughts or personal experiences would be much appreciated! I am finding reintro hard in trying to figure out what is truly a reaction, or what is a  "bad enough" reactions to indicate I should stay away from a food.

Thanks in advance.

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All those things you noticed are your symptoms. You have to decide if what you experienced when you ate those foods means eating those foods again are worth it or not. There are no standards that say yes or no. Some people eat foods that create such a disturbance that I would never eat them again because no food is worth a big disturbance to me. But some people say it is worth it to them. Are you okay with tired? Are you okay with gas? Are you okay with a little gurgle? Don't measure yourself against other people. Some of those people are too careful and some of them are too reckless. Only you can say what is right for you.

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