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Home canning and curing meat

Chef Ken

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I'd like to follow this topic.  I make Salsa and tomato sauces, as well as can fresh veg and lots of jams and jellies.  I know the Jams and jellies would be out because of the sugar, I'd have to do them with the no sugar recipes... but i hope the veg i can use, because there is nothing but water, some spices, and the veg itself.  I haven't done any soups or dried any meat, but would definitely be interested in seeing what the advice or thoughts are on this.

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On September 14, 2016 at 10:25 AM, Chef Ken said:

I am interested in getting information on canning without sugar and home curing meats like bacon and ham without sugar in the brine.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


You would be much better off finding a canning/curing website/community for specific information such as this. The Whole30 staff and members can help with simple cooking questions, but this is outside the purview of our expertise and the forum intent which is to support people through their Whole30's.  Good luck!  I've always wanted to be able to hunt and then preserve some of the hunt :)

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