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Reintroduction of... good foods for troubleshooting?

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I've essentially been Whole30/Paleo for 6 months now. I never eat gluten or dairy anymore (my last reaction was about 4 months ago and by accident- BBQ sauce apparently has wheat- which is a huge allergy rash break out on my face to the point of scaring people), I don't react to rice or beans much (a little stomach ache/bloating, but irrelevant since I don't care for nor do I eat them much anymore).

I exclusively cook, order, and request Whole30 compliant foods all day, everyday, and I still have a few things I would like to clear up. I still have eczema on my arms and my nose is stuffy/runny pretty much every day. The only days where I don't have a stuffy nose is if I fast because I'm not hungry- so I know it has to be food. I cut out eggs for 30 days with no luck, some other forums suggested nuts, as well. I'm considering spices, but who knows. I'm willing to cut anything out that causes these things just because I'm sick of the rashes and people telling me I sound like I have a cold. I know these are two different reactions, but I'm hoping this process will eliminate both and give me some feedback.

If I could fast for 30 days, this process would be so much easier...What I'm getting at here is what foods can I safely eat for 30 days that aren't likely to be the cause so I can have a base for reintroduction? Should I just eat like only kale and grass fed beef for 30 days? Seems unreasonable, but my goal-setting skills are superb. I'm worried about my nutrient intake if I cut out a majority of my current foods (which is basically grassfed/cagefree meats and farmers market veggies/fruits...).


Some facts: 24 WF, moderately active, I handle stress well and have little to deal with, plenty of sleep, no known allergens in the apartment, plenty of Vitamin D.

Thanks in advance to suggestions.

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I'm sorry the elimination of eggs did not do it for you, but I think you were on the right track.

The Whole30 is a general elimination diet - eliminate processed foods, grains, dairy, etc. It sounds like you might benefit from something more focused... systematically eliminating specific foods, one at a time, until you figure out which food or food group is provoking your symptoms.

My guess is that such a protocol would go better with some guidance. I would recommend contacting the Whole9 and probably setting up some time to talk with one of the dieticians or even one of the Hartwigs if they are doing that as they trek through Europe. An expert could help you figure out food groups and a plan for eliminating one at a time to see how it effects you.

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