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Cholesterol Dropped Like a Rock 221 to 100!! WTH


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Hi everyone.  First post here and this is my 3rd whole 30 in two years.  I'm 5'5 160 when I started 13 days ago and I haven't been on the scale since.  I had my labs drawn in March when I was eating like a fiend (Lengua Burritos, Gyros, Beef Shawarma Wraps, Pho, Homemade garlic fried rice ETC!!)  I just love food so much. 

Since this is my 3rd go around, I didn't feel like hell blew over during the first week and I've been feeling quite normal (steady energy levels) since Day 10.  I had my health screening for my job and they processed my blood.  Total Cholesterol was 100.  HDL was 29.  Triglycerides were 61. and LDL wasn't registering.  I called my doctor to get lab tubes drawn just in case. 

Is this normal is my question.   Typical breakfast (2-3 eggs, Banana, Pear or strawberries, 2 cups coffee) , Lunch (Chicken breast or King Oscar Sardines or Wild Tuna in can or leftover grass fed beef or pork, half bag of salad , EVOO with red pepper /black pepper and hot sauce, Pear or apple and banana.  Dinner is typically a meat with sweet potatoes or other veggies.  Of course i'll eat some fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth or have some almonds.  Things have been going well.  No issues at all except when my workplace has fried chicken, donuts, pasta, BAD stuff for the staff. 

Let me know your thoughts people.  Should I worry?   

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No one here is a doctor, but these numbers are odd enough that I'd ask for the test to be redone. Perhaps there was some kind of error. I wouldn't worry until you've done that or talked to your doctor about the results.

Your meals don't look too bad, except that breakfast needs vegetables, you don't mention adding fat, and you might be a little fruit heavy.

You'd do better not having fruit for your sweet tooth -- having something sweet when you're craving something sweet will just keep you continuing to crave sweets. If you're truly hungry, have a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. If you're not truly hungry, go do something else -- take a walk, read a book, clean, work on a hobby, call a friend. 

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