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The joke's on me...aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!


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It's do over time

When I thought

It was all mine.

The moment I did my introduction, there was this inevitable feeling that I was somehow, somewhere going to fail.

I was accompanying my husband while he was taking care of business affairs. Things don't always go as planned and this was one of those times.

It was getting late. I'd done what I knew to do except for one thing. Not all people consider peanuts as legumes. In fact, most people may not even know what a legume is. My husband was so cute. He said I should probably say 'peanuts or legumes' when I'm asking about ingredients in a restaurant's dish.

So, tomorrow, it's the do over state.

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What was your *actual* introduction going to be?

Whatever it was you know it should be included in each of your meals that day, right?

Well done on recommitting!


ETA: Sorry, read this as 'reintroduction' so ignore the first two sentences, but the last one still stands!!

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