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Buffalo Chicken Salad FTW


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I am on day 12 of my whole30 and days 9-10 were my struggle days for sure. My meal plan didn't sound good to me, I was tired, and I all I wanted to eat was something with buffalo sauce.

I realized after looking at a few recipes for Buffalo Chicken Salad that I already had the ingredients! I thawed out chicken breasts, and chopped up some red onion and celery. Most recipes suggest shredding the chicken by putting it in the crockpot, but I was starving so I just boiled the chicken for 15 minutes then shredded it with my fork (got this trick from Google).

In a small bowl, I mixed together my Primal Kitchen Mayo and Franks Red Hot. You could be done with the buff mayo right here. However, I tasted it and it wasn't quite the flavor I wanted. I saw on one of the recipes on Google to add some dried dill and parsley and BOOM - there it was, the buffalo chicken flavor I was craving. I tossed it with the shredded chicken until it was LIGHTLY coated and added the celery and red onion. I ate mine on a lettuce wrap with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and had plenty to bring to work the next day.

This will go down in my house as one of my W30 meal staples!

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