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Corn Reintroduction - Immediate Reaction?

Robin R.

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I decided to break down reintroductions on the non-gluten grains based on wise advice I received on this forum. I reintroduced corn in the form of cornflakes this morning.  An hour and a half later, I am feeling sick to my stomach, bloated and burping, with some digestive issues.  Ugh.

The cornflakes I ate had four ingredients: milled corn, sugar, salt and malt syrup.  Total sugars 1 grams per cup.  I have relaxed on the no sugar added rules a bit in this post W30 phase.  

I understand malt sugar is made from barley which has gluten.  I figure it had trace amounts in it since it was the last on the ingredient list.

Question 1:  Could this response be to the gluten in the malt syrup or is it more likely the corn?

I planned to have corn on the cob for dinner tonight because I have really been missing it and it is in season right now.  

Question 2:  Is it common to have immediate reactions to a food that your body cannot tolerate?  I thought it would take longer to feel any ill effects.  

I introduced rice on Wednesday and did just fine.

Thank you so much.


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Could it be the gluten or more likely the corn? It could be either, but like you, I would think that the amount of gluten would be pretty small. When you have corn on the cob, whether that's tonight or some other day if you're still not feeling well tonight and decide to wait a few days until you feel better, see if you have the same reaction, and then later, pay attention to how you feel when you reintroduce gluten grains.

Is it common to have immediate reactions to a food?  Everyone's reaction is a little different, but yes, it is possible to have fairly immediate reactions.  Some reactions are immediately noticeable, some take longer to show up, and some are dosage dependent, meaning you can have a little of something and not notice anything, but if you have more, either a larger serving at one time or repeated smaller servings daily over time, you start having reactions.


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I had two ears of the corn on the cob on Saturday night with no immediate reaction.  I have felt pretty much fine with some very slight digestive issues over the past few days.  I am not quite sure what to think of this as it could have still been a response to the trace amounts of gluten.  However, as suggested I will try introducing glutens tomorrow when I am home for the day just to see if I have any responses to it.  I am going away this weekend with cousins, so I am trying to figure out what I should ABSOLUTELY avoid!  

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