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Bad reaction means time for a second whole 30!


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Last year in December 2015 I completed my first whole 30 and felt amazing! I realised I am sensitive to a lot of things! One of them was milk which I really love so went back to having here and there even though I hated the reaction.  All was good until today I accidentally over did the caffeine had around 320mg when I calculated but it was or shall I say IS the scariest thing ever.  I don't usually have a lot but today I did and a few hours later I got crazy hives all over my body and felt really really dizzy with a super headache! it's been over 6 hours now and I still don't feel myself, I never realised I was sensitive to caffeine but now I'm very freaked out and it hit me again how the food we feed ourselves play a big role in how our body functions some obviously more than the others but it's just NOT worth it.  I know we should prepare for a whole 30 in advance but I just decided I'm starting my second whole30 tomorrow I'll try to wake up early and make sure I have all the groceries because I am really scared and I DON'T want to ever feel this horrible again! I feel like I really need to clear my body of all these toxins! Hello WHOLE 30 2 I'm so ready for you! Yes unprepared and unexpected but feeling this bad made me remember how good I felt halfway through my last whole 30 and I need that right now!

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