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Too much fat?


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All, I know we're not supposed to count calories and such, but I have tracked a couple of days to get a feel.

Today, as I have every day thus far, stayed on the plan and ate well.

My carbs were under 100g, my sugars were under 40, my protein was 150 and my FAT was 220!

I ate lots of vegetables, and apparently a lot of good fat, i.e. - avacado, coconut, coconut milk, etc.

The other day my fat was around 150g. I just want to know if this is bad, meaning a fat intake of over 200g in one day?



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Whole30 doesn't set any particular numbers for grams of anything. Follow the meal template and don't worry about the numbers. It's only 30 days, just trust this process. Many, many people find they are eating what feels like a lot more food than they've ever eaten before, and that's okay. It's all healthy, nutrient dense foods, so as long as you're eating meals that consist of lots of vegetables and the recommended amounts of protein and fat, you're unlikely to overeat.

There are some exceptions to this -- things like nuts, dates, bacon -- that you can end up eating entirely too much of, just because they're super tasty and easy to eat. If you find yourself eating more than the recommended amounts of those things, you might want to leave them out of your Whole30, or be very careful about your portion sizes.

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How did you get to 220?  Was Shannon right that it was nuts?  

I don't track food anymore but I threw a day fats only from a high-end fat eating into cronometer just to see...

It included:

75g full fat coconut milk in coffee (I probably only do <50 most days)

1 normal sized avocado (100g avocado without pit)

3 tbsp of homemade mayo (throughout the day)

1 tbsp avocado oil (cooking, throughout the day)

2 tbsp of dressing that is 1:1:1 oil:vinegar:mustard

3 eggs

1/2 cup homemade coconut/almond milk ice cream (<-- NOT COMPLIANT - no W30  for me right now)


This doesn't include any fats from meat throughout the day.  As a general rule I don't eat nuts.

The total for that was 125g of fat.  If I had to guess I'd say that isn't too far off from where I usually am.  Nearly doubling that would seem reasonable for a pretty active man, a breast feeding woman, teen... someone with really high caloric needs.  I could also see it being a bit too much for a "typical" person who was hoping to see some weight loss in 30 days.  I have definitely found that I can eat more calories paleo/W30 without it hindering body comp than SAD food but if I were to eat an extra 100g of fat a day... that might be pushing the envelope :) I'd just make sure you are eating fat with "purpose" rather than "because you can because W30 says fat is good"... you know - like eating 1/2 jar of coconut butter because its low carb/high fat :ph34r:


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