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9/19/16--> Start date


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I am sitting here with my pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone because tomorrow I start my first Whole30 and I figured I better get these in before I begin my first Whole30 tomorrow. I had a lot of impressions while reading the book, and probably a bit of denial. Thoughts like "that's not me" "I don't have a sugar dragon" "this isn't much different from how I live now"-- and a couple of week ago when I chose Sept. 19th as my start date and signed up for the Whole30 daily program, I was feeling really confident.

As I sit here with my coffee and my scone, I am feeling a little nervous (normal?). Since reading the book I have been a little more conscious about my choices and I now realize, I have a huge Sugar Dragon (Let's name him Peanut Butter Cup), and a serious love of bread and cheese. And although I am a 42 year old guy, I have the emotional maturity of a Taylor Swift song, and love all things pumpkin spice. So there it is. 

I have a pretty good track record of following a plan. Five years ago I decided to make some changes and lost 136 lbs through diet and exercise. I am really proud of the work that I have put in to take off the weight and to keep it off. However, the couple of times I have backslid (almost always starting around this time of year and pumpkin flavored everything leading into the holidays), I have pulled myself back and gotten back on track. HOWEVER, what has been really unsettling is that the method I used to change my lifestyle did nothing to change my relationship with food. Hitting a goal on the scale didn't mean I got to go back to eating like a frat boy, and buffalo sauce dripping from one's chin is not as attractive as one might think. My triggers are still m triggers and I still reward myself with food, celebrate with food, punish myself, console myself, comfort myself, and show love and affection, with food.

That's what I am looking for with this program, is a paradigm shift. Also, inflammation is an issue that I want solved. I am nervous about living in a body that produces too much plaque and what that means for my future. I am excited to find out what needs to be eliminated from my diet, what makes me feel awesome, and to give Peanut Butter Cup a swift throat punch.

That being said, I am a little nervous, not about the effects--but more whether or not when I feel vulnerable or tired if I have it in me to not say "Meh". I am hoping I can keep my eye on the prize and that the rewards will outweigh the discomforts. 

I look forward to reading all of your previous posts for information, support, and answers to questions that come up and hopefully some support as I embark on this journey.



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Hi, Bck2B6, 

I'm restarting my Whole30 today, so we're only one day apart on our journey. I'm also very, very nervous that I don't have it in me to say no to food or wine. I'm a 46-year-old woman, and I do NOT have a good track record of following a plan. Hence, the restart. Although I want and need to lose weight, I'm trying to focus on the larger non-scale reasons I'm doing the plan. I don't have a huge sugar dragon as far as candy or other sweet treats go, but I love my breads/grains (and, of course, cheese), and I drink way too much wine. 

Good luck!

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